About us

We have helped people with hearing loss for more than 130 years. And we aim to help them even better in the future.

We serve you with a passion to innovate and the experience necessary to fulfill a patient’s needs. Our product range comprises award-winning hearing aids and accessories — from completely invisible, waterproof, rechargeable, or binaural hearing aid options to accessories that connect a user’s hearing aids wirelessly to most media devices. Many of our products are world’s firsts. Our hearing aids are branded Signia, Siemens, AudioService, Rexton and A&M. Complementary fitting software, smartphone apps, and diagnostics workflow solutions are also part of our cutting-edge portfolio.

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Sivantos India Pvt. Ltd. is based in Bangalore, Karnataka and has 85 employees dedicated to providing you with excellent hearing solutions. Our hearing products enable you to lead richer, fuller lives. You’ll find them – and much more – at a hearing care professional near you or by clicking here: LINK TO HCP SEARCH

A history of caring and innovation

We develop and integrate the most innovative technologies into products that meet all your hearing needs. We are committed to creating solutions for all types and degrees of hearing loss, while best fulfilling your preferences in design, function, and cosmetic appearance.

We have a passion for innovation. Our product portfolio includes award-winning hearing aids and accessories. Our hearing aids include waterproof, virtually invisible, rechargeable, and binaural options. Our accessories connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your mobile phone, TV, MP3 player, and other media devices. Your hearing care professional will recommend a hearing aid that will best meet your needs.

Fitting your hearing needs and lifestyle

As a pioneer in audiology, we have always put the preferences and needs of the wearer first. Now, thanks to extensive research into consumers’ motivations and lifestyles, we are even better prepared to provide you with the most comfortable, distinct, and personalized solutions. From tiny and discreet to completely invisible or even waterproof, our hearing devices are manufactured to support even the most active lifestyles.

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